Shared accomodation 5+

This housing solution aims to create authentic experiences of community and associative life in  shared apartment with double or triple rooms selected by La Ringhiera Fondazione SUN based on the number of requests received, this solution is available in the cities of ANCONA, BRESCIA, FLORENCE, MILAN, MONZA, PARMA, ROME, TRENTO and VENICE.

The apartments have a number of beds equal to or greater than 5 and all comply with the minimum residential housing standards: equipped with standard systems, functioning kitchen with fridge, hob and oven, beds (including mattresses), lights and essential bathroom furniture. They are delivered clean and whitewashed. The service also includes: finding accommodation on the market, managing the lease with ownership of the property and the rental contract, drafting and registering rental contracts, managing utilities (electricity, gas, TARI), the activation of the WI-FI service, the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the accommodation.

 It is not possible to choose the apartment of interest but it is possible to express a non-binding preference.

It is not possible to choose your roommates but it is possible to express a non-binding preference.

To make a request it is necessary to fill in the form with your personal data; you will be contacted within a few days by a person in charge of the Domus Discipuli Association, which coordinates this initiative on behalf of La Ringhiera Fondazione SUN. The person in charge will ask you for an interview to introduce you to the chosen residential type, explain to you how community and associative life takes place in the apartments and collect any preferences you may have. At the end of the interview you can decide to confirm your choice or not, at no cost.

 If you decide to confirm - and you are suitable for living in this residential type - you will receive an email with the access link to the accommodation booking procedure,

 Information relating to the next academic year 2023-2024 will be published as soon as available.