Who we are

La Ringhiera scarl was created in Milan in 1989 by a group of university students from outside Milan who needed a place to stay during their studies. Thanks to the skills they gained through their experience of finding, renting and maintaining apartments during these years a group of these former students decided to create a cooperative company in order to continue to support every student in search of living arrangements.

Since its inception, La Ringhiera has expanded and is now operating in 13 Italian cities, managing more than 200 apartments.

After more than 30 years, the spirit of the Cooperative, nourished by its roots in the Catholic faith, continues to be able to offer a housing service to all university students and staff that keeps pace with the standards and demands of a dynamic housing market.

La Ringhiera offers two types of housing:

-        Shared accomodation: a place in a shared apartment, a service offered only to the members of the Cooperative who agree to its ethos and are looking for a housing option in which the housing unit and its basic upkeep are shared.

-        Short-term accomodation: a place in single or double rooms in an apartment or studio, for those who need a place to stay for a short period of time. This option is all-inclusive, and is available only in Milan.